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Hardy ARCTIC KIWI vines yield delicious and nutritious smooth-skinned fruits. These ARCTIC KIWI are the size of an ordinary grape but have no fuzzy hairs; the need to peel is out of the question. Just go ahead and eat them fresh from the vine like other berries or put them on the kitchen table for snacking—or in your lunch bag. The fruits become sweeter after they are picked, approaching the sweetness and aroma of a fig. They are perfect for adding a novel touch to a fruit salad. Guests will ask, “What are these little guys?” The bell-shaped flowers are slightly fragrant and resemble the small flowers of snowbells—even prettier— cascading down the high-growing vines that can be trained with wires or coaxed up the side of a latticed wood fence or wall. The fruits grow in a long cluster along branching vines. The round to oval shaped greenish fruits
ripen in early autumn. ARCTIC KIWI fruits are high in fiber, iron, and vitamins C and E. Enjoy the blossoms in spring and the fruits in fall while waiting for apples to come on strong.

Depending on training constraints, they have a spread of 5-10 feet. Zones 4-8