Plant Properties

Properties of our plants & useful & little known facts


Blackberries have the highest effect on reducing LDL levels.


USDA states a diet rich in blueberry extract reverses some loss of balance and coordination and improved short-term memory. The high levels of antioxidants in blueberries is favorable to prevent heart and cancer illnesses. In addition, the levels of antioxidants in the blueberries help in improving eyesight.


Contain high levels of vitamin C.

Red Currants

The fruits promote an appetite and can be used for  upset stomach.

Angle Vine

The leaves are used in ointments for blisters, sores and for inflammation.


Drinking a tea made form their leaves will aid in stomach aches.


The leaves aid in breaking up kidney stones and treating headaches.

Wild Ginger

The plant contains a anti-tumor compound named aristolochic acid. The root also relieves an upset stomach.


A leaf tea can be used as a gargle for sore mouth.

Wild Strawberry

Fruits are rich in iron and potassium. The fresh berries remove stains and tartar from teeth.


A broad-spectrum insecticide can be made from the twigs and bark of papaw. Extracts from the plant indicate that the tree may contain potent anti-cancer drugs; a substance that kills leukemia cells in mice was also isolated.


The fruits have properties for aiding in urinary tract infections.

Lemon Grass

The plant parts contain the highest levels of vitamin D.


A heather water bath will relieve rheumatic pain.


The leaves can act as a wound dressing.