A hop vine is known primarily for providing flavor and aroma for crafting beer. But it has ornamental and herbal uses as well. The vines will follow along a horizontal trellis, or grow vertically up a wire, and even crawl on the ground to make a dense ground cover. The lime-green foliage resembles the leaves of a maple tree. In the late summer, its flowers can be harvested, and the vines will turn a deep yellow. It is a multi-purpose vine. Tender new shoots that begin to grow in the spring can be harvested and eaten raw or cooked, with flavors reminiscent of spinach or asparagus. Hundreds of flowers
full of nectar will attract butterflies and other pollinating insects. The cones are harvested in late summer to early autumn for brewing beer or for making herbal teas.

We are offering 3 new cultivars this year with distinctive, delicate aromas. Plants are cold-tolerant within USDA Zones 3-8.

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